James Le Fanu

‘For every problem there is a solution: neat, plausible and wrong’. H.L.Mencken


Metaphysics Resurgent


Have we discovered it all?

Scientists who should carry a health warning

‘Medicine’ which will kill or cure

The ghosts that haunt amputees

Wash your hands please Doctor

Bad bowels, excess bile and forty years of misery

If magnet therapy cures animals, why not humans?

Maggots might make mincemeat of expensive drugs

Even earwax has its place in the grand order of things

Unfortunately, most illness is down to sheer bad luck

Why our nails are the cutting edge of civilisation

The art of seeing through yellow-tinted spectacles

History of Medicine

Dysentery, Rommel and the making of the Empire

Just how far would you go for science?

The monkey gland secret

Fighting off evil with grass soup

What bugged Florence Nightingale?

Hero who put himself through hell

The unsolved mystery of modern medicine

The fall of medicine

Natural History

The Earthworm

The Heart

Skin Deep


The Ant & The Butterfly

The Potato

Life’s Big Bang Part 1

Life’s Big Bang Part 2


Aping Mankind

Science's Dead End

Our bodies are the best measuring stick of our world

The physics of winning physiques: Are Olympic athletes born or made?

What a piece of work is the human body

Remembrance of smells past

How the blind really do ‘see’ with their fingers

Dish the dirt and keep healthy

Hairy attempt to teach evolution

Mother’s battle of the bulge

Why do women have such large breasts?


If you want to live longer, start praying

Is belief a trick of the mind?

Murder most sophisticated

Mother love’s unbreakable cord

False memories and faux realities

Analysis can drive you mad

You are only as old as your inner Tony Blair


Geneticists are not gods

Behind the hype: monkeys die and the mysteries remain

The outlook for Dolly is far from jolly

Which comes first, the philosophy or the egg?

Social Policy

How not to defeat Aids

Behind the great plastic duck panic

Back to the eggs and bacon, Mr C

Sick statistics syndrome. Is poverty really the cause of ill-health?

Sunbathing, ‘skin cancer’ and sore confusion


Was Two-Brains one too many?

The shortest way to ruin a health service

Goodbye to Utopia?